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Like many penguins, Arnold was born in Antarctica, just a stones throw from the South Pole (if you call a 7 day waddle a stone's throw!), but unlike his brothers and sisters and cousins and next door neighbours and the cranky old penguin that lived on top of the hill, Arnold craved the bright lights of the big city.

To put it simply, he knew there was a big wide world out there and he wanted to see it all.

So, armed with only a six pack of beer, a digital camera and an Esperanto phase book, he headed north in search of adventure

Along the way Arnold has met many interesting and diverse people. He's a social butterfly and a very affectionate penguin who wants to be a friend to me and you!

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Hey, this reminds me of home!


I sure am a cool dude.


I'm an Aussie!


Some days I can't help feeling a little flat...


A penguin's work is never done!



It's a pain in the butt having to wear these suits 24 hours a day.